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Winter Guard is a competitive activity organised in the UK by the charity Marching & Performing Arts United Kingdom.

This Wiki exists to document the history of Winter Guard in the UK - a lasting record of every show, performer, staff member, judge and just about everything else associated with our activity! If you want to start contributing to this Wiki, please contact for access and become a contributor!

Categories in this Wiki are organised as follows;

Administrators - anyone involved in the administration of Winter Guard or any of its member organisations (now or historically).

Judges - anyone who has ever judged or acted as official mentor at a Winter Guard show.

Organisations - any Winter Guard organisation or associated organisation (for example, a connected Drum Corps)

Performers - anyone who has ever performed in a Winter Guard show in the UK.

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Shows - any show that has been performed at a Winter Guard competition in the UK.

Staff - anyone who has acted as Director, designer, instructor, etc. for a Winter Guard show.

Venues - any venue in the UK that has held a Winter Guard competition

Winter Guard - any topic explaining Winter Guard as an activity - e.g. sabre, drill, effect, etc.

Years - records of each competitive season in the UK from 1980, including results

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